Are You Using ImmuNet?

Are you using ImmuNet to ensure that you are not over- or under-immunizing patients? As Maryland’s Immunization registry, ImmuNet collects accurate data on vaccination records and allows clinicians to:

    • Submit vaccination data electronically to avoid manual data entry.
    • Determine which vaccines a patient has received.
    • Identify whether a patient is missing any vaccines by providing access to a patient’s combined history of immunizations received from multiple health care providers.
    • Improve the delivery of health care to patient.
    • Saves staff time to search patient immunization records.
    • Assist in vaccine management to prevent expensive vaccine waste by circumventing unnecessary doses.
    • Achieve reporting requirements or quality improvement measures.

Though flu activity has been high this year, it’s still important that all patients be immunized, regardless of the efficacy of the vaccine. Getting immunized against the flu may not prevent flu altogether but it can prevent death. Let your patients know that to fight the flu they must get the flu vaccine, take action each day to stop the spread of germs and take antiviral drugs if prescribed by their doctor.

A combination of the use of ImmuNet and keeping patients informed on what action to take can help to combat this seriously contagious disease.

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