Virginia State and Regional Antibiogram Report

To address the global public health concern of antimicrobial resistance, the Virginia Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) Advisory Group, led by the Virginia Department of Health (VDH), HQI, and the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association (VHHA), analyzed data from facility-level antibiograms to develop an understanding of antimicrobial susceptibility and resistance among bacteria recovered from clinical specimens across Virginia.

Antibiograms provide a summary of the percentage of isolates susceptible to a variety of antimicrobial agents within a health care facility. The facility antibiogram is an important tool for developing antimicrobial stewardship policies and protocols for empiric antibiotic selection.

How to Use an Antibiogram

How to Read and Interpret an Antibiogram, a video created by an infection disease (ID) pharmacist and physician, will help you leverage an antibiogram to make prescribing decisions. It includes a discussion on the content of an antibiogram and how to use the antibiogram information when making clinical decisions for treating outpatient infections.

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