Population Health

Diabetes Self-Management


Diabetes—the most common cause of blindness, kidney failure, and amputations in the United States—affects nearly one-third of adults age 65 and older. A leading cause of heart disease and stroke, it also disproportionately affects economically disadvantaged and medically underserved populations.

Physicians, certified diabetes educators, community health workers and community-based organizations in areas with diabetes disparities are participating in HQI’s “Everyone with Diabetes Counts” initiative to prevent diabetes and reduce its complications. Participants are:

  • Using electronic health records to identify patients with diabetes and ensure they receive evidence-based care, such as blood tests and foot and eye exams.
  • Connecting patients to community-based diabetes self-management education programs and supporting their ability to complete this training.
  • Supporting patients in maintaining healthy lifestyles through alignment with other local resources.
  • Contributing to an increase in the number of certified diabetes educators and diabetes self-management courses.

To take action, contact Venisha Lambert at vlambert@hqi.solutions or Michelle White at mwhite@hqi.solutions.