Population Health

Improving Immunization Rates

As a healthcare provider, you focus on providing the best care possible for your patients. But many providers face barriers in helping patients understand the benefits of
immunizations and the role they play in preventing illness and hospitalization.

Through the Maryland Immunization Improvement Network, HQI is partnering with physician practices, home health agencies and stakeholder organizations to increase vaccination rates among older patients. HQI is supporting providers as they:

  1. Perform routine immunization assessments on all patients
  2. Help your patients understand the benefits of timely immunizations
  3. Develop tracking and reminder practices to plan and predict immunization needs
  4. Capture data about immunizations your patients receive in the community
  5. Overcome barriers related to ordering, storing and administering immunizations
  6. Enroll in and report data to the Maryland immunization registry

For more information, contact Kelly Proffit, kproffit@hqi.solutions.